Earth Day everyday!

Dear Friends around the Planet,

This month has been super reach of knowledge and development and kept us busy with upgrades, learning and sharing.
Cris has done the SSI cross over and was really good fun being again on the other side of the classroom and talk about her favourite arguments, Ocean and Diving!!



Seba went as well in a class and became Life Guard Instructor trainer, so lets say we are in super safe hands 🙂 All this done in a spectacular environment like Maldives and Guraidhoo, Divepoint Maldives Training Center makes it even more fun!

Last but not least was the Earth Day, really a big commitment to clean up the island where we are living on, specially underwater, where with the help of other 28 divers we found and brought up anything one can immagine, and more. With the help of Melanie we shared a lot of info about the plastic pollution and what can be done to end up all this with a bit of common effort and care. Was really nice day! We want to keep this Earthday fever for everyday and with a bit of care we can really make the change we want and that is so urgent and necessary!For more info please visit Out of this event we won with SSI the second prize as best Earthday cleanup team!

Of course in between the different events we had our usual typical island busy life with the kids and all their daily discovers and progress. They are growing so much and we love the way they can do so :)Not even to mention the beautiful people and families we have the privilege to meet every day that are enriching our lives and creating unforgettable moments and memories 🙂




Thanks Karen for coming and visit us, short but super lovely!!

And what else…. of course a lot of dives and a lot of fish and unforgettable moments underwater , into the magic world!


Peace & Love from the Indian Ocean, stay tuned!






Macana & kurumba on the sunny side of Life!

Being back in the Maldives got to be a natural thing for everyone in the family 🙂 Kids loved at the first sight and for us was just like we never left….

Macana is the Dhivehi name for the heron & Kurumba is the young coconut which we love so much to drink!


We can not recall any other place in this beautiful world which gives you such strong connection with the elements and especially with the water. Not much else to think about apart from the Ocean.

We did not realised how much we have missed the Ocean and the underwater world until we step again to it…. A LOT!  We got very warm welcome back by snorkelling in a bay with hundreds dolphins around, included babies which were jumping all over the places.


We are living inn Rannalhi, a beautiful tiny island in the South Male atoll, the same island we met almost 12 years ago and were all our life soul mate journey started…. isn’t magic?


Since we are back we could already experience two times turtle hatching on the island and assist a new born baby turtles running their way up to the ocean…. Turtles are knowing to remember exactly where they were born and at the right time of the reproductive life they will go back on the same island and beach and lay the eggs. Once the baby born are out, full of power they will go straight away into the ocean with such energy and strong will that is rising only in that specific moment. They will use superpower  to run and swim against current, predators and find their path.This is an unforgettable experience and we are very thankful to be part of it.

Gaia & Ocean are getting familiar with the surrounding and are loving very much swimming, walking bare feet and be connected with the nature. Waking up with the sun (almost 🙂 ) and going to bed not long after the sunset,it is just the biological rhythm.

They are amazed from watching papa kitesurfing and all the other watersport guys in action in the water. They want to  imitate all of them and can’t wait for action. Irey, Buty, Giada, Ryahan, Meer, Melanie, Marcus, Anna and everybody are looking after them together with us and kids  are super lucky to have such a big family.


Cheers guys,stay tuned, much more adventures to come!

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On the journey through Life

Hello Friends,

Has been really long time we did not post or write anything…. We hope you are all doing well and having a good time !We have been on the move for almost two years and not always connected… we have been traveling  and moving trough out continents… as usual…. but now we are settled for some time…back connected..back home…back to the Maldives!!!


So from our last post many things happened, Gaia & Ocean has discovered many places, started talking in two languages and kept us always busy!We celebrated their first birthday in Germany and we decided to follow again our heart and our instinct ,which means travel, meet people and do what we love everyday! That is the Life we want to introduce to our kids and so lets roll...

We have been traveling with  Moby, our auto caravan, for  18 months and we have been discovering Hungary, Croatia, Italy, France,to end up mainly in Portugal and Spain…such an amazing time…we met the most  beautiful people! Super cool families and dudes!

Tarifa has been one of our favorite place… perfect wind and good vibes …perfect spot to park and just be!


We simply did not want to leave Tarifa and Andalucia, was too nice and lovely but the goal was to be by April in Algarve, Portugal, and so at certain point we took of and…back on the journey…



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Follow the wind and the sun has been our slogan for a while… and well, Portugal is the perfect spot for that! We joined some friends in Algarve, mainly based on the Atlantic cost between Lagos and Aljezur, on the extreme southwest coast … just amazing and spectacular! Such a wild nature and beautiful people all over the places!


Living on the caravan has so many pro, you are free, you can go wherever you want and whenever you want it, you are always home and kids they can feel always protected and in their environment even if we change beach almost everyday… and having always the best ever top view from the window! With twins having always what you need with you is priceless and being able to stop anytime for a nap or to cook something yummy made our life for sure easy and accessible.





Daily life

We spent in Portugal around 8 months and the time was just flying away… Sebastian was always busy kiting and sometime surfing and myself a part from being full time mama and spending the entire time on the beach building up sand castles and stuff, i started to create jewellery with macrame and doing markets which were incredibly funny and gathering of like minded people… awesome!



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We met beautiful families coming from all Europe to live their dream like us, spending time in the nature, growing up their kids in a peaceful environment and sharing the best moment with likeminded people. We learned a lot and our kids too 🙂



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Our lovely Oma came to visit us and we spent a beautiful week together, Gaia & Ocean were up to the sky!!



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Well now is time to move on, its time to leave Portugal, travel with our camper all the way back to Spain, France and Italy ( of course we will do many visit friends stop on the way, including Tarifa), spend sometime with family and…..rock and roll again somewhere warm:)



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Took us about 2 months to reach Italy, many nice stops and cool vibes… Now Christmas with family and then…. departureeeeeee



We will park Moby for a while, even though we miss it already….

Maldives we are cooooooming!!!